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Like most rodentssquirrels are expert chewers. Squirrels have the ability to destroy your Rhinebeck home and surrounding areas quickly. Squirrels use openings and holes found in and around our open as entry and exit points to gain their needs. If these entry ways are not available that is not a problem, they will handle that on their own.

There are simple measures to keep squirrels away. Check out our tips below to prevent squirrels from calling your home, “home.” 

  • Keep animal dishes and food inside. If you feed your pets outside, make sure to clean up behind them or bring in remaining uneaten food.
  • Clean up spilt bird seed in and around bird feeders.
  • Cap your chimney to prevent squirrels from enter into your chimney or even making a nest.
  • Trim you tree branches at least 10 feet from the roof of your house. This will prevent squirrels from getting onto your roof and creating damage.
  • Inspect your home from the outside and look for entry points or ways insects and wildlife and can get inside. Begin around where utilities and pipes enter the home. If you find entrance ways, seal with caulk and hardware cloth to prevent them from re-entering.

If you are a homeowner in Woodstock looking for squirrel removal, contact a licensed wildlife company. Removing wildlife requires a license, knowledge and expertise. Do not let scratching or gnawing keep you up at night; allow Craig Thomas Pest Control to trap and remove these critters. Contact us for a free estimate or call for wildlife removal today.

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Living in the northeast it is almost expected to have a mice or two in your home or structure. Although a mice or two may not sound like a big deal, it is! Rodents carry disease and destroy property. Tackling a rodent problem may be out of the realm for some Cornwall homeowners, but calling a pest professional should not be. Craig Thomas Pest Control likes to remind Poughkeepsie homeowners that prevention is the key to reducing pests and rodents in and around your home.

Dangers of rodents

  • Mice are prolific breeders. A mouse can have 5-10 litters a year with 3–14 young at a time. Mice populations can increase very quickly.
  • Rodents continuously gnaw to keep their teeth short. Gnawing can be on wood, trim and even wires causing fires
  • Mice spread disease through their urine, leaving trails everywhere they go.
  • A single mouse drops an estimated 25,000 rice-sized droppings a year, or about 70 per day. 
  • Rodents in your structure exposes you and your family to Salmonella, tapeworms, infectious jaundice, plague & Hantavirus

Effective rodent control in Rhinebeck, Fishkill, Gardiner and surrounding areas requires exclusion, satiation and population reduction. 

  1. Exclusion is another word for sealing or preventing entry ways. Using a combination of materials, Craig Thomas Pest Control performs exclusion work from the interior and exterior around windows/doors, pipes, wires, ducts and other areas to reduce rodent’s mobility.  As stated above, rodents are dangerous. 
  2. If a rodent problem has gone unattended for a period of time, sanitizing the areas where rodents have nested will reduce the risk of health concerns associated with mice and rats.
  3. Reducing rodent populations is accomplished through strategically placed traps and bait. Rodent control requires follow up visits to ensure they program is working properly. On these visits, Craig Thomas Pest Control re-positions rodent equipment, replenishes bait stations and performs exclusion where necessary.

While every customers needs are different, every structure and infestation level are unique. Craig Thomas Pest Control, a local pest management professional performs free evlautions to develop the best solution of your home and property. Contact us today onlineFacebookTwitter or at 845-471-9111. 


Rodent causes house fire

An unoccupied two-story home in the town of Ulster was damaged by a Monday morning fire that was caused by a rodent problem, reports the Daily Freeman.  Fire chief, explained the fire was caused by a rodent problem as a result of which electrical wires had been chewed.

It has been estimated that rodents cause up to 20 percent of undetermined fires in the United States each year. Why is that? 

  • Mice and rats chew constantly because their teeth are always growing.  They will chew through soft concrete, aluminum, wallboards, and plastic pipes.  
  • Field mice move undercover in the winter months and prefer to live near the warmth of electrical components.
  • Rodent nests located next to a furnace, can be ignited by the hot surface.
At the first signs of rodents, from rodent feces, sounds of scurrying in the wall or observe other signs  contact a licensed pest professional.
What's that noise in my ceiling?

According to Punxsutawney Phil, his shadow earlier this month indicated another six more weeks of winter. Here in the Hudson Valley, we have fared well with the winter weather without much snow or fridge temperatures.

With warmer temperatures many insects and animals are coming out of their hibernation states prematurely in search of food. With this, some Pleasant Valley homeowners, homes in New Paltz and surrounding areas are hearing sounds and noises coming from the attic, ceiling, walls, crawl spaces, etc. As animals and rodents move around, they can scratch, thumps, scurry and pitter-patter.  

Let’s help you determine that noise in your attic, ceiling or wall:

Daytime Noises: Grey Squirrel

The gray squirrel is active during the daytime, particularly early morning and early evening. Squirrels make fast, scurrying noises running. 

 Sometimes raccoons can make noises during the day, but  make heavier and slower noises. 

Vocal Noises: Racoons

Vocal growls or chattering, can indicate raccoons.

Fast Pitter-Patter at Night: Rodents

Rats and mice can be surprisingly loud. Sometimes they can scratch, but if you hear fast running, particularly if it goes up and down walls, then you’ve got rats or mice!

Thumping at Night: Larger Animal.

Thumping usually comes from larger animals, like a raccoon or opossum.

Once the varmint is identified, Craig Thomas Pest Control, your wildlife removal specialist will create a treatment plan to trap, remove and seal to prevent entry again. The most important thing after removing the animal is cleaning up the mess they left and preventing animal entry again. As your Poughkeepsie wildlife removal specialists, we help homeowners and business in Germantown, Millbrook, Highland, Warwick, Cornwall and Pawling with effective wildlife solutions

Bed Bug Scent Detection Dogs

Why choose K9 Inspections for bed bugs?

AccurateBed bug dogs have proven to be much more accurate in determining locations of adult bed bugs, nymphs and eggs than humans

Effective. Bed bug dogs can quickly and efficiently inspect a structure for bed bugs, providing peace of mind for parties involved. K9′s can detect bed bugs inside furniture/walls/objects where humans cannot.

Green. Bed bug dogs provide a green solution to a problem. They save time and money by only detecting areas needing treatment. This reduces unnecessary treatments and chemical usage.

Hard Workers. Dogs have the ability to perform a search 80% faster than a human, saving high labor costs.

Honest. Our canine, Promise is trained to work for food, love and her ball. Once Promise alerts on an area, we take the time to check the alert with a visual inspection.

Proven. Dogs have been used for years in military and law enforcement agencies in detection drugs, persons and other things. Promise was raised at Green Collar K9, where canines of this caliber are raised and trained.

Creditable. Our goal is to maintain an efficient and reputable bed bug K9 scent detection program. Our team never stops learning about the latest techniques in canine handling and necessary information to help our Canine Pest Inspectors remain proficient. Promise and her handlers work together several times a day to remain 100% accurate.

Technology. The “nose” is the latest trend in the pest management industry to find bed bugs. Dogs have the ability to smell a scent like a three dimensional image, much more detailed than a human.

We at Craig Thomas Pest Control are proud to be members of the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) and New York State Pest Management Association. NPMA an organization including many pest management companies, whose many goals is to protect the health, home and/or property from pest. We are a licensed and trained in bed bug control and would like the opportunity to protect your health, home and property in the near future. Servicing Hyde Park, Fishkill, Cornwall, Monroe, New Paltz, Leeds and surrounding areas. For questions, contact us by phone 1-800-255-6777, info@callcraig.com, twitter or facebook.

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