Pest of the Season


In addition to mice being the pest of the season, below are some staggering facts about mice.


The most common winter invader is the house mouse. The house mouse looks for a warm, cozy place to spend the winter. Mice enter your home, business or building by squeezing through spaces as small as the diameter of a pencil. Once inside the home, they become destructive. They damage and destroy your home by chewing wires, which can cause fire along with eating and contaminating your food spreading disease. Mice carry over 20 different pathogens of human disease such as a salmonella, Hantavirus and asthma to name a few.


Mice usually live only for a year, but if all their offspring were to survive and reproduce at a similar rate, onepair of house mice have the potential to produce more than 500 young within a year! It is wise, to begin control earlier than later. Another shattering figure is the amount of droppings a mouse will produce. In one year, one mouse produces up to 18,000 droppings along with depositing hundreds of micro droplets of urine to mark its trails.


If mice become problem in your home or business, call your pest professional.  Craig Thomas Pest Control offer several services to control mice. These methods may include using our Heppa Filter Vacuums to vacuum feces, removing, disinfecting old insulation and replacing with T.A.P. Insulation or performing exclusion work to prevent mice from getting inside. Leave it to the professional to determine the best way to carry out an effective rodent control program in your Hudson Valley home or business. Protecting your health and property, is what matters most. 



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